PROBLEM: Understanding the Drivers of Ethnic Disproportionality in Police Coercive Powers and Force

Authors: Andreas Varotsis
Date added: 10th May 2021, 10:09:20

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The disproportionate application of coercive policing powers – such as use of force, arrests, and stop-and-search/frisk – by ethnicity across the Anglo-Saxon world has been subject of much public interest, with a recognition that policing powers may be contributing to or even entirely responsible for negative outcomes, acting as one of the most visible agents of “structural racism”.

While the aggregate, direct outcomes of this are understood (for instance, the variation rate of arrest by residential population), a granular understanding of the drivers of this variation is not: for instance, it is likely some part of it is due to personal racial prejudice, but other factors such as geographic concentrations of crime and deprivation also play a role.

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