PROBLEM: Improvement of people's quality of life by respecting the constraints of environmental sustainability

Authors: Aldo Salvatore Coraggio
Date added: 11th January 2022, 10:25:57

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Today as a human species we have two major problems that are closely interrelated:

1)   A large majority of people live a very poor quality life, while there would be the possibility of all living much better.

2)  The lifestyle of the minority of people who live a level of quality of life above the average (but which is still much lower than the level of quality of life we could all reach) is leading to the rapid destruction of many natural balances, extinction of animal species and will likely lead to the extinction of our own species.

History is rich in examples, where individuals or groups of people have subjected other people to their wishes, from the construction of the pyramids in the time of the ancient Egyptians, where people were enslaved through the use of force, up to the present psychological conditioning of billions of people, mainly implemented through the use of television and the capitalist system (today we are all slaves without chains).

Certainly part of the reason is contained in our DNA which unfortunately cannot be changed in a short time, but for the first time in our history we have the ability to communicate globally using technologies that were unthinkable until a few years ago.

Today we use technology to do a lot of useless things, we should use it in smarter ways.

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